About Us - the story

H & J Bruce Transport Operators began in the late 80s/early 90s.  Hamish saw that customers didn't know where to turn to when they wanted something transported that was too big for the couriers and too small for bulk freight companies.

As time progressed, and Hamish kept saying "Yes, we can" to customers, the company (well, partnership back then) grew.  People were hired, small trucks were brought and customers told others about the service.  Soon the home office that Hamish & Joy worked out of was too small and neighbours bearly tolerated the trucks outside.

In 2003, H & J Bruce Transport made a huge leap forward with a move to a commerical site - 226 Evans St, Timaru.  It was (and still is) a site that allowed for trucks to drive in and out, staff to make coffee and sit in the sun, offices that suited both Administration and Operations, and space to expand. 

As they moved forward with leaps and bounds; they became a company - H & J Bruce Transport Ltd, brought an additional company - Aoraki Furniture Services, and opened the door to providing a service for customers with both general and furniture/fragile freight.

2008 saw the two companies become one.  As one company, the team has learnt and been willing to teach each other how to handle both furniture and freight.  The cross-over in work has meant that staff are very capable and experienced in all aspects of the work, and are often in roles that they can excel in.

Earlier this year, we recognised that it was time that the general public stopped seeing us as two different companies.  With the help of Tony at Yellow Design we have one logo and one brand, and in the process of being seen as one company and one team.

Become part of our story, and let us offer you a great service with a rich history.


We provide a wide range of services, catering for a variety of transporting needs.

Our services include:

  • General Freight
    • Pick ups & deliveries
    • We can transport single cartons to pallet loads
    • See Freight for more details
  • Furniture & Fragile Freight
    • Pick ups & deliveries
    • Pianos
    • See Furniture for more details
  • Household Removals
    • Packing
    • House moves
    • Office moves
    • See Furniture for more details
  • Labour
    • Available for commerical clients
  • Managed Warehousing
    • Pick & Pack
    • Storage & redelivery options
  • MPI (previously MAF) Accreditated Transitional Facility
    • We can unload/load international containers
  • Storage
    • For private clients we offer storage secured in locked 20' containers onsite. 
    • For commerical clients we offer storage per pallet on racking or secured in 20' containers onsite.


Map showing regions